Looking to join a peer group to discuss sensitive topics that are

personal, family and/or business related in a trusted environment?

At FBN we are here to help! Get involved in a specific community of peers to share and learn in the "ultimate safe space". If you are interested in joining a Community Circle, please email Jennifer Muntz at [email protected]

  Large Family Community - As business families grow beyond cousins’ consortiums, they face specific issues related to family cohesion, affectio societatis, governance, professionalization, strategy and diversification.  FBN-USA gathers circles of large families – defined as family enterprises with 50 or more family owners – to learn and exchange among peers on topics such as: management of silent shareholders, succession of management to a family or a non-family member, education of and transfer of leadership and legitimacy to the Next Gen, pruning the tree or not, selection of family members for governance positions, foster entrepreneurial DNA, sustainability and diversification, etc.
  Family Office Community - Many business owning families have an embedded family office or a stand-alone family office.  The family office attends to the wealth management, investment, and other private family matters. FBN-USA gathers circles of family members and/or family office staff – to learn and exchange among peers on topics such as: starting a family office, hiring staff, family office transitions, family office structures, hiring a wealth manager, in-sourcing vs. out-sourcing, investment strategy, co-investing, etc.
  Family Council Community - Family Councils address important issues and concerns that influence and impact the family and the business.  FBN-USA gathers circles of Family Council Chairs – to learn and exchange among peers on topics such as: alignment of family members, owner needs and desires, family education and engagement, leadership development, conflict resolution, generational transition support, etc.
  NxG Community - Next generation family members face an assortment of challenges as they grow and find their place in the world and in the family enterprise. FBN-USA gathers circles of Next Gens – to learn and exchange among peers on topics such as: pre-nups and marriage, parenting, difficult conversations with the senior generation, working or not working in the family business, education, leadership development, etc.