Discover our wide offering of events, from in-person to online events.  Our events offer a safe space where business families can learn from, share with and inspire each other in a variety of formal and informal settings.

Family Forums

Our world-class Family Forums are filled with peer-to-peer networking, specialized knowledge, and insight into the issues you care about, and meaningful connections with other family businesses.

Global Webinars

Real-world strategies and solutions for specific challenges family businesses face every day, presented in short, high-impact sessions.

Family Visits

Small, private, invitation-only gatherings providing exclusive experiences to exchange best practices and relevant, applicable insights from some of the world’s most renowned family businesses.


Hands-on and highly instructive, our interactive learning experiences take deep dives into the issues driving family business today: family constitutions and boards, financial statements and risk tolerance, strategy, sustainability, success, and more.

Global Summit

Gather with your peers from around the world to share experiences and values, gain insight and knowledge, and address 21st-century approaches to growth and sustainability.