Family Business for Sustainable Development

Being a "force for good" is in the DNA of Family Businesses.  Family Businesses are the back bone of our economy locally, nationally and globally.  Family businesses treat their employees like family and have proven to be the last to lay off and the first to hire in an economic downturn. Family Businesses give generously to the communities in which they operate and for causes that are important to shareholders.

At FBN, we recognize the amazing impact of Family Businesses and strive to help them take it to the next level with our FBN Polaris initiative.  We are proud to partner in this movement with the United Nations.  Together, we will advance sustainability practices for Family Businesses to create shared properity and redefine success across generations. 

Through our collaboration, we revised the FBN Polaris Pledge.  FBN's leadership and many FBN families have signed the pledge and are working to make improvements in their companies, in their communities, the enviroment and for future generations. To download the pledge or to sign it, click on the pledge below.


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