Jamie Tucker

board member, FBN-USA



Jamie Tucker is a fourth generation family shareholder of IDEAL Industries, Inc. headquartered in Sycamore, IL.  He is a member of the IDEAL Family Council and soon to be the Family Assembly Chair.  He is a member of the G5 committee, the Development and Education Committee as well as assisting in the coordination of NextGen activities at the annual family meeting and at Family Camp, their annual family retreat.  He is presently working to become qualified to be a voting trustee for the IDEAL Family Voting Trust.  Jamie is also involved with the Family Business Network North America. He is currently the chair of the NxG committee as well as being a member of the FBN-NA board.

Outside of the family business realm he is creating a start-up to produce products to combat aquatic invasive species through chemistry.   Jamie is a graduate of Northland where he double majored in geology and water science with a minor in chemistry.  In his free time Jamie enjoys skiing, biking, and kayaking.  He also plays violin in a quartet and in the local orchestra.  His home is located in Northwest Wisconsin with his 17 year-old-daughter Ayla, wife Courtney, and her six year-old daughter, Emelea.