Make the most of membership

When you join Family Business Network, you find insight and inspiration from your peers in other complex family businesses. You find your place within your family enterprise and find unity with other family members. And together, you find the right way forward.

FBN-USA membership offers meaningful learning opportunities for every member of your family, no matter what their age or level of involvement with the family business. The membership offers opportunities for your executives and board members to learn alongside you and other families as well.  We believe it’s important for your key executives to learn about the “family side” of a family business.

      Family Forums
Our world-class Family Forums are filled with peer-to-peer networking, specialized knowledge, and insight into the issues you care about, and meaningful connections with other family businesses.
      Global Webinars
Real-world strategies and solutions for specific challenges family businesses face every day, presented in short, high-impact sessions.
      Family Visits
Small, private, invitation-only gatherings providing exclusive experiences to exchange best practices and relevant, applicable insights from some of the world’s most renowned family businesses.
      Learning Journeys
Exclusive learning and networking experiences for small groups interested in exploring several family businesses or enterprises, specific industry businesses,  and cultural “hot spots.”
Hands-on and highly instructive, our interactive learning experiences take deep dives into the issues driving family business today: family constitutions and boards, financial statements and risk tolerance, strategy, sustainability, success, and more.
      Global Summits
Gather with your peers from around the world to share experiences and values, gain insight and knowledge, and address 21st-century approaches to growth and sustainability.
      NxG Programs
If you are part of your family’s rising generation, NxG programming can help you connect with peers, find your place, make purposeful contributions to family enterprises.
      NXG International Internships
If you are finishing your schooling and preparing to start your career, NXG international internships provide an opportunity to broaden and hone skills and explore new fields while learning about family dynamics and governance with other family businesses in our network.




Self-governed peer groups of like-minded family members committed to helping each other achieve personal and professional development goals.

  • Regional Learn and grow with members of other local family businesses.
  • Role-Based Connect with peers charged with similar roles in governance and their family enterprise. The New Leader CIRCLE (NLC) connects the rising generation of family businesses as they step into their leadership roles and potential.
  • Subject-Based CIRCLES formed around topics, allowing you to explore issues such as family governance, parenting, family and business impact among friends.

      Global Family Business Awards
Recognizing prestigious family businesses worldwide since 1996, this annual award showcases the indispensable role family businesses play in our global economy.
      Global NxG Entrepreneurship Awards
Championing the next generation of family business members since 2009, the Award fosters a community of young NxG entrepreneurs and celebrates entrepreneurial achievement within our global network.
      Polaris – The Global Movement of Impact
Since signing the pledge in 2015, FBN has led in the family business impact journey. Join forces and use your business resources as a force for good, sustaining workers, communities, the environment, and future generations.


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