International Internships

FBN NxG Internships offer family members the opportunity to gain experience in another family business either in North America or in another country. Internships are a great way to gain some experience before you take a position in your own family business. You can decide either to deepen your knowledge in a similar industry to your own, or explore new or exciting industry such as manufacturing, private banking, insurance or retail. You can also choose to strengthen your resume and experience in your current field or broaden your skills in new areas such as management, marketing, finance or sales.  Click here to learn more about NxG Internships.

What Do You Have to Gain

The FBN Internship Program is by families for families, therefore both NxG members and host families benefit from FBN’s unique and secure atmosphere.

As a host:

  • Gain a useful project resource
  • See your own family through fresh eyes 

  • Set an example for your NxGs – giving back, helping, life-long learning
  • Build a long-lasting connection with another business-owning family

As an intern:

  • Broaden your knowledge and experience in a like-minded family business
  • Gain valuable insights in to business that you can share with your own family
  • Learn about the “family part” of family business – values, mission, governance, communication, succession, etc.
  • Expand your personal network and make new friends

For more information, please contact, Jennifer Muntz, Executive Director, at [email protected].

Summer Internship

Usually lasts between 1-3 months during summer and interns are between 16-25 years, still studying. Interns most often seek to get an overview on the business and to explore several departments.

Job Experience

Usually lasts between 3 months and one year and interns are between 20-35 years. They usually hold an MBA or a University degree, have just finished their studies and are looking for a first job experience outside their own family business. They seek to deepen their knowledge and work on a defined project.  Click here to view internship opportunities.