What our members say about FBN

"Being involved with FBN makes available the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others similarly involved in Family business. By sharing the different challenges and best practices and what worked and what didn’t, we learn from each other ways to improve our individual family businesses. We can borrow the tools and techniques that have already been proven successful and build on each other’s successes and in doing so, avoid each other’s failures."

- Debbie S. Brown, Laird Norton Company

"FBN is a unifying force bringing families together so we can learn from one another-with a focus on best practices, candor, and engagement- we are thankful for the thought leadership the FBN team provides."

– Jamie Richardson, White Castle


“I attended the Family Forum in La Jolla and thought it was an invaluable experience. My favorite part was just hearing everyone's stories and experiences.  It was a fantastic experience and I look forward to the next one.”

– Anonymous NxG Family Member