About Family Business Network's USA Chapter


To engage and connect family business owners​ in developing multi-generational leadership and stewardship ​through shared learning experiences in a trustworthy global community of family enterprises.

Vision For Family Business

  • Positive impact on our customers, associates, and communities​
  • Sustainable, long term, purpose driven capitalism​
  • An increasingly socially responsible business and family culture

For almost 30 years, the Family Business Network has helped more complex family businesses all over the world find unity in the face of the unique challenges and opportunities a family business provides. We empower families to create connections. Preserve wealth. Foster growth. Embrace change. And to always go farther—as a family.


FBN-USA can help you create powerful personal connections with your peers across countries and industries. FBN-USA does more than engage your family—it extends your family.


FBN-USA is NOT for profit. We are for family. FBN-USA is a safe, sales-free space where family members can open up to each other and to their peers sharing their deepest issues. Together, we engage in meaningful, productive dialogue and family learning around issues of leadership, stewardship, and ownership.

Our exclusive global webinars, online forums, learning events, and global summits provide opportunities for everyone in your family—no matter how involved or interested in the business—to make meaningful contributions and connections. Where family and business interests intersect, you will find FBN-USA offering the highly specialized support and insight you need.


Family businesses face the future together at FBN-USA. Through FBN-USA, today’s leading family businesses find and nurture the leaders of tomorrow, develop family members and create positive impact on the world now and for future generations. 

  • Our NextGen program reaches out to your family’s rising leaders, future owners and extended family, offering mentorship, guidance and friendship as they hone their skills and chart their course.
  • Our Polaris movement provides a powerful, proprietary method for families to bring their business to a new level of sustainability as a B-Corp.
  • Family Enterprise frameworks guide families as they develop and improve governance and succession planning, explore portfolio possibilities, foundation formation, and support in times of personal and professional transitions.


Family business is a powerful force for economic and social good. Connect, support, and sustain it through Family Business Network.

Our Partner

FBN-USA and Loyola Family Business Center have worked together to create benefits and services that will serve your family business needs across the country. Joint membership in both organizations provide opportunities to experience community, learning, forums and fun.  Confidentiality and Non-solicitation are key values for both organizations.

Our partnership with Loyola’s Family Business Center provides access for your family members to Chicago based conferences, seminars, a research library and best of all, member rates for three  unique and essential, experiential learning Institutes designed to address the development of key segments of your family.