Why Join FBN-USA?

To find your second family.

At Family Business Network, we know family businesses drive our economy, generating opportunity, innovation, and prosperity. We also know the pressures of managing a multigenerational business enterprise and complex family structure can sometimes put family members and family branches at odds or pose problems anyone outside a family business can’t understand.

That’s why FBN-USA is here: for you and for your family. While other organizations, consultants and networks focus on the “business” side of family business, we care about “family”—and unlike other business networks, we care about your entire family, even those who will never be shareholders or owners. Our engaging, expert programs and gatherings are all designed to support you and your family’s pursuit of unity, sustainability, and success.

We know you sometimes need an outside perspective with inside knowledge and our global network of premier family businesses provides exactly that. No sales pitches. No secret agendas. Simply an exclusive and extraordinary safe space where you can meet members of other family businesses at similar points in life, career or roles in their family enterprises, share stories and strategies, and support each other as you take advantage of the opportunities ahead.