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FBN-USA is a 501-c3 non-profit organization. We are apart of a global organization network spanning 67 chapters around the world. We serve the family business community and are happy to know that people like you and other business entities contribute to our vision and mission through volunteering or financial contributions. For that we are grateful.

The impact of your contribution

At FBN-USA, we are dedicated to empowering family business members worldwide. Your generous donations help us enhance our services, support our community, and drive positive change in the family business ecosystem. Here’s how your contributions make a difference.

1.Enhancing Member Experience:

Donations enable us to offer high-quality events, workshops, and webinars, ensuring that our members receive valuable insights and networking opportunities.

2.Investing in Education:

Your donations support our peer-to-peer learning programs and courses, providing members with the knowledge and tools to navigate complex business challenges.

3.Building a Stronger Community:

By donating, you directly contribute to the growth and sustainability of our organization, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for family business members worldwide.

4.Ensuring Financial Sustainability:

Your contributions help us cover operational costs, pay staff fairly, and maintain the excellence of our events and services.

5.Creating Lasting Impact:

Every donation, no matter the size, helps us continue our mission of supporting and connecting family business members, ultimately leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Ways to Partner

Family Business Partners

When your organization becomes a family business partner of FBN-USA you are able to interact with our community through speaking opportunities, and event sponsorship. These businesses can leverage their business expertise and knowledge to educate our collective community.

Corporate Sponsorship

When a corporation decides to partner with FBN-USA they are able to choose an annual commitment amount, contribute to a specific event, donate resources, or sponsor printing of promotional materials.

Content Partners

FBN-USA loves to leverage partnerships with leading organizations that focus on the strength and development of Family Business. If your Business Organization, College or University has resources they want to share with our members or co-develop with our organization please reach out to us by email at to begin the partnership conversation and discover if we are the perfect fit for a collaboration.

How to Give

We Keep it Simple

If you would like to give an individual contribution you may do so by clicking the give now button.

For all others

If you want to become a family business partner, corporate sponsor, or content partner of FBN-USA please reach out by email at so we can schedule a time to connect and develop a strategic plan for your partnership needs.

With Cash

There are limited opportunities to donate in cash as we are a remote first organization and recommend contributions be made electronically. If we have an event where cash will be accepted that information will be provided in advance.

By Check

Checks can be mailed to our PO Box.

PO BOX 1601

NAPLES, FL 34106

Give Online

When you give online you are able to pay by electronic check, or debit/credit card

Our Office

PO BOX 1601
Naples, FL 34106, USA

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