Workshops are a hands-on, highly interactive and engaging learning experiences. They provide an opportunity to “go deep” on a particular subject area with industry experts. They are designed to meet the spectrum of educational needs from intro to more complex and advanced level. Workshops are a great way to build skills and competencies for family members who are interested in taking a more active or leadership role in the family enterprise or family governance system.
FBN offers full-day and half-day, facilitated workshops on a variety of topics. They can be scheduled as pre-forum workshops and open to family members, spouses, NxG’s and family executives who are interested in learning more and participating at a higher level. They can also be scheduled and tailored to meet the needs of a single family, group of cousins or NxG’s.

standard Topics

Family Constitutions

Managing expectations, working through conflict and creating family unity is perhaps one of the biggest challenges we face as family business owners. One tool that is often used by families to keep family members on the same page and create fair process is the creation of a family constitution.

Family Boards

Family boards are distinctly different from corporate boards in how they function and operate. Join this workshop to learn the difference, and to explore family dynamics, family governance models and what successful families have in place. What’s the role boards play in sustaining families and their businesses across generations?

Financial Statements and Risk Tolerance

Finance related topics can be overwhelming and complicated. In this workshop, we are going to explore financial statements, personal risk tolerance and strategies for managing money and wealth. We will learn the importance of, and how to read personal and business income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements.

Family Strategy

How do families successfully transition from one generation to the next? How do families build and maintain a sense of family unity and cohesion? Join this workshop to learn the components and best practices of a family strategy while benchmarking successful strategies from other families.

For more information about our workshop offerings, contact Jennifer Muntz, Executive Director, [email protected].